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Pilot Point

Protest Your Property Taxes in 10 Minutes!
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Pilot Point, Texas is a small city located in Denton County. As of 2020, its estimated population was 6,123. The city is primarily comprised of families, with a median age of 40 years and a relatively high homeownership rate. The racial makeup of the city is predominantly white, followed by Hispanic or Latino, and African American.

The average home price in Pilot Point is around $300,000, which is higher compared to the state average. The property tax rate in Pilot Point is 2.34%, which is lower than the average rate in Texas.

There are plenty of things to do in Pilot Point, including visiting the city’s many parks and lakes, fishing, and attending community events and festivals. The city is also home to the famous Isbell Stables, which is a popular destination for horseback riding and trail riding enthusiasts.

Pilot Point is served by the Pilot Point Independent School District, which has received good ratings from both parents and education organizations.

For those looking to get involved in the community, the Pilot Point Chamber of Commerce is a great resource. The chamber can be reached at (940) 686-2161. The city hall can be reached at (940) 686-2161, where residents can find information on city services and programs, as well as address any concerns or questions they may have.