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Horizon City

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Horizon City is a rapidly growing town located in the eastern part of El Paso County, Texas. According to the latest available data, the town had a population of approximately 21,014 people in 2020. Demographically, Horizon City is a diverse community, with Hispanic or Latino residents making up around 84% of the population, while non-Hispanic White residents account for around 10%.

The average home price in Horizon City is around $160,000, making it an affordable place to live compared to other cities in the United States. Property tax rates in the town are also reasonable, with a rate of approximately 2.2% of the property value.

Horizon City offers a variety of recreational opportunities for residents and visitors. The nearby Franklin Mountains State Park is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts, with opportunities for hiking, biking, and rock climbing. The town also has several parks and sports facilities, including a community centre and a swimming pool.

Horizon City is served by the Socorro Independent School District, which has received a rating of 5 out of 10 from This rating is based on factors such as student performance, teacher quality, and the overall quality of the school district.

For those interested in business and commerce, the Horizon City Chamber of Commerce can provide resources and assistance. Their phone number is (915) 852-5079. Additionally, the Horizon City Hall can provide information and services related to town governance and administration. Their phone number is (915) 852-2404.

In summary, Horizon City is a growing town in eastern El Paso County, Texas, with a diverse population. The town has an affordable real estate market with reasonable property tax rates. The nearby Franklin Mountains State Park and local parks provide opportunities for outdoor recreation, and the town is served by the Socorro Independent School District. The Horizon City Chamber of Commerce and City Hall can provide resources and information for business and town administration, respectively.